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It is difficult to overestimate the value of a pet. Animals can improve the health of their humans by reducing stress and encouraging exercise, they provide companionship, and some of them can even provide valuable services, such as guide dogs. Those benefits are more than enough to make sure that the people of South Carolina love their companion animals, which is why they are so dedicated to keeping them safe and healthy.

The downside of living with a pet is the cost of providing that care. A dog will eat something that it shouldn’t without thinking twice, but the dog’s human might start considering his options when he sees the veterinary bill. After all, treating a simple problem like that can cost between 500 and 5000 dollars! No owner wants to lose a pet because they couldn’t afford to treat a medical problem, which has led many of them to consider the benefits of a pet insurance policy.

How Pet Insurance Helps

All pet insurance companies work the same way, but they differ in the details. The pet’s owner pays a regular premium, and in return the insurance company will cover the cost of medical procedures for the animal. The policies differ in the type of procedures that are covered. Some policies are comprehensive, which means that they will pay for almost any medical treatment or preventative care that the pet needs. Other policies are more restricted, most commonly by only paying for treatment but leaving preventative care to the pet’s owner. In most cases, pet owners should choose the policy based on their animal’s breed, lifestyle, and the environment in which it lives.

How To Choose

There are a few different things that you need to consider when you pick out a policy. The price of the policy is usually the most important factor, but it is almost never enough to decide the question on its own. The factors that determine the cost are the animal’s age, breed, and the coverage that the policy offers. Individual companies will offer different prices for similar policies, but the price difference is usually small.

That leaves a few other options for settling the decision. You should start by looking for reviews written by other people who have taken out insurance policies. Reviews will often cover things that buyers would never think to investigate before making their choice, so they tend to be a very valuable too. You should also look into the charitable efforts of each one of the companies. Most pet insurance companies are staffed by people that care about animals, so they tend to support animal welfare groups and offer some of their profits to shelters. However, each company uses different tactics and opts to support different charities. Investigating those policies gives you a chance to find one whose beliefs align with your own, and taking out a policy with that kind of company gives you a chance to support a worthy charity at the same time.

A Sampling of Options

There are a lot of different pet insurance companies to choose from in South Carolina, but some of them are more popular than others. One of the most popular companies with cat and dog owners is Healthy Paws. The company’s policies are designed with specific age ranges in mind, and they cover most illnesses and injuries. On the other hand, they usually do not cover preventative medicine, and people who own exotic pets will need to look for insurance elsewhere. This is an especially good choice for people who volunteer with animal welfare groups, since Healthy paws offers discounts to many such people.

People who own exotic pets, or those who want to work with an older company, should consider Nationwide. The company offers a choice between one of the fully comprehensive insurance policies in the industry and more restricted plans, but it is most notable for insuring almost any type of animal. That makes it the only choice for some pets, but it still has plenty to offer for cats and dogs. Nationwide was one of the first companies to offer pet insurance, so it can draw on plenty of experience to solve problems.