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For many families in Pennsylvania, pets are much more than just animals that live in your home. They’re family, and this means you’ll do whatever it takes to keep your pets healthy, happy, and in good health. The benefits of pet ownership are plentiful, but the downfall occurs when a pet falls ill or becomes injured. The cost of veterinary care is not inexpensive in general, but it becomes far more expensive when necessary procedures are technologically advanced or serious. No family wants to find themselves in a situation where they must choose to help their pet at the expense of their financial future, or let their pet suffer. It’s devastating, and it’s completely unnecessary. Pet insurance can help offset the cost of expensive procedures, and it might become the catalyst that saves the life of your pet.

Pennsylvania is a place where animals are susceptible to many different injuries and illness. Anything can happen to any pet at any time no matter which state they live in, but the extreme winter weather and summer heat provide added opportunity for cats and dogs to suffer illness and injury. Common colds occur just as frequently in animals as they do in humans when the weather changes. When there’s ice and snow, animals are more susceptible to falling down and injuring their legs or bones. When the heat occurs, cats and dogs can suffer from heat stroke, dehydration, or other health issues. It’s expensive to handle these health problems, which is why pet insurance is a good idea.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Understanding pet insurance is similar to health insurance. If you choose to purchase a pet insurance plan for your animal, you’re going to find it works much like health insurance a far a monthly premium. You choose a plan you want in a price point you can afford, and you then pay monthly premiums to keep your pet’s insurance active. You even have a choice to pay your deductible annual or when an incident occurs. Options are plentiful.

Pet insurance does not discriminate, either. You may choose any veterinarian you choose, and you can use it anytime you see fit. You have two choices when it comes to paying for services rendered if or when your pet is in need of veterinary care. You can choose an insurance plan that allows you to pay a co-payment equal to a percentage of services rendered, or you can choose a reimbursement plan. If you choose to be reimbursed, you pay the vet for the cost of any services they provide, you send paperwork to the pet insurance company, and the company sends you a check to reimburse you for your costs.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

What pet owners want to know is whether they’re wasting their money with a pet insurance policy. You just never know what might happen to your cat or dog. A perfectly healthy animal could develop cancer or some other illness at any time. It could be hit by a car and need extensive, and expensive, surgery any time. Additionally, pet owners know even everyday check-ups are expensive, and they don’t want to spend any more than necessary.

  • Wellness checks
  • Blood tests
  • Surgery
  • Prescriptions
  • Overnight stays
  • Hereditary health issues
  • Ultrasounds
  • Chronic illness
  • Accidents
  • X-rays
  • And more

To find the best possible pet insurance for your animal, you want to compare plans. Pennsylvania pet insurance companies offer numerous options, and each one is right for someone. Finding the one that’s right for you involves finding one that’s both affordable and useful.

Your pet is a part of your family. Whether you have a cat or a dog, you want to ensure your animal lives a long and healthy life. Losing a pet over something that could be prevented if cost weren’t an issue is devastating to families, and no one wants to experience the loss of a pet due to an issue of this nature. Protect your pet, because it’s no different than protecting your family in the instance something terrible occurs.