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There is no such thing as a free kitten. While animals can undoubtedly improve a person’s life through their companionship, they also depend on their humans for food, shelter, and medical care. That can get expensive, especially when the animal suffers from diseases or injuries that can only be fixed through expensive medical treatments. Some people are forced to give up their pets due to the cost of medical treatment, but there is another way to deal with the problem. A pet insurance policy is all that it takes to make sure that your beloved animal companion is safe.

What Can Pet Insurance Do?

A pet insurance policy is not significantly different from a human’s health insurance policy. Like health insurance, it offers to pay for medical treatments in return for a regular fee. It is also similar to health insurance in that there are a variety of different plans to choose from. The most popular plans cover most illnesses and injuries that could afflict a pet, but they don’t cover the cost of preventative care or regular examinations. While that is enough for many pets, other people prefer to pay more to get a comprehensive plan that does cover preventative care. It can be hard to choose the right plan, but it is usually best to base the choice on the animal’s general lifestyle and any risk factors that are associated with the breed.

How Should You Pick A Policy?

Choosing between the different pet insurance policies is a big decision, so it’s important to do your research before you make it. The price factor will be one of the most important things to consider, but it may not be the most important one. Prices will vary between one company and the next, even for companies that offer similar plans, but the variation is usually small. Every company will base the price on the animal’s breed, age, and other factors that can predict its future health. Every company examines the same set of traits, so they tend to reach similar conclusions when calculating the price.

The company’s policies are often more useful for making a decision. The vast majority of pet insurance companies spend some of their money on animal-related charities, but they all pick different cause to support. Some of them donate to animal welfare organizations, which in turn pass the money on to animals in need. Others prefer to work directly with shelters, or even to foster animals inside their own offices. Every company is different, and you can often make a choice between similar plans by picking the one that supports causes with which you agree.

It is also a good idea to investigate consumer reviews before you make your choice. It can be hard to get a thorough understanding of a company when you are looking through a list of policies, but very easy to get that understanding through reviews. Bad reviews can alert you to major problems that you might not notice from other sources, but you should also pay attention to good reviews. They tend to focus on the company’s best features while ignoring the others, so it’s a good way to figure out where a given company truly excels.

What Are The Options?

There are times when the species of your bet will determine the company that provides insurance for it. There are many companies that will happily provide coverage for a cat, dog, or other common animal, but relatively few that will cover birds and other exotic pets. Nationwide is one of those companies. It is also one of the oldest pet insurance providers, which gives it the advantage of experience and a large support network for solving problems.

There are more options for cats and dogs. Some of those options, such as Embrace, even offer the chance to customize each policy to guarantee that it meets your needs. The company even offers separate plans for young animals and adults, which makes it easier to adapt the policy as your pets gets old and its needs change. Finally, Embrace also stands out from other companies in that it makes a strong effort to go green and protect the environment in addition to its work to protect animals.