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Nevada is a state of two extremes – densely populated in a couple counties and desolate in most other places. So while you may want to keep a close eye on your pet if you live in Reno or Las Vegas, the small towns and ranches of Nevada are wonderful places to have a dog or a cat. Whether you live in Winnemucca or Tonopah or a small ranch out in the mountains, your dogs can live care-free and your cats have room to wander.

Thanks to Nevada’s dry climate, your pet is less likely to have to deal with parasites like fleas and ticks, which is good news. However, this doesn’t mean that dogs and cats aren’t still at risk for other illnesses. Some of the most common ailments for dogs in Nevada include complications from obesity, dental disease and arthritis during old age. Cats in Nevada suffer from similar ailments, but they are also more likely to develop kidney and thyroid diseases, among other things.

The truth is that, no matter where you live, pet care can get expensive. And because pet insurance providers do not cover pre-existing conditions, you should be prepared sooner rather than later. While pets can get sick at any time just like people, their likelihood increases as they get older. Certain conditions, such as arthritis or cataracts, are most common in older pets, and they can make life much more difficult for your aging canine or your senior cat. By providing your pets with insurance when they’re young, you can help to provide them with a better life when they are older.

Of course, if your pet does come down with a serious illness, treatment can be very expensive, and one in three pets get injured or sick each year in Nevada. Without insurance, some owners unfortunately have no choice but to put their pets down because they can’t afford the costs. For example, treating canine cataracts can cost over $1200. Major surgeries or cancer treatments can cost upwards of several thousand dollars!

There is good news about pet insurance, however. It is affordable and there are many different plans available. You can buy pet insurance locally or you can choose from a number of national insurance agencies and protect your dog or cat. Whether you just want insurance to help with routine checkups or you want to be prepared for the worst, there are insurance options available to fit every budget.

Your pet is like family to you. Don’t leave them without insurance.