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Why Massachusetts Pet Owners Should Have Insurance

When your pet gets injured or sick, the costs of veterinary care may add up fast. You want to be sure that your pet gets the best care, but when something unexpected happens, the cost can be in the hundreds of dollars. If your dog or cat needs emergency surgery due to sickness or an accident or develops a chronic disease, the cost of medical treatment can run into the thousands.

Pet owners usually know what to expect for routine checkups and vaccinations, but most don’t realize how expensive advanced medical treatment for pets can be. Pet insurance can help you to pay for your pet’s medical treatment. If you take advantage of the right health insurance, you could save thousands of dollars in veterinary bills, and you’ll feel secure knowing your pet is getting the best possible medical care.

Pets That Are Popular in Massachusetts

Many Massachusetts residents have at least one pet living in their home. A survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association shows that 50.4 percent of residents in Massachusetts have at least one pet. Thirty-four percent of the companion animals in Massachusetts are cats.

What Veterinary Treatment Costs

The cost of medical care for your pet in Massachusetts depends on several factors and may include:

  • The kind of pet you have
  • Specifics of the medical condition
  • The veterinarian treating your pet

Some medical problems in pets require advanced treatments only offered by doctors who specialize in treating complex cases. Pets can develop medical conditions that need advanced treatment that costs more as it does in humans. Among the most common medical issues that pets may develop and the average costs for veterinary care in Massachusetts:

  • Cardiac Care – $1,000 to $20,000
  • Canine Cancer – $5,000 – $20,000
  • Hip Dysplasia – $4,000 – $6,000
  • Ingesting Foreign Bodies $200 – $5,000

Companies That Offer Pet Insurance in Massachusetts

Among the businesses that offer pet health insurance in Massachusetts are Embrace, Go Pet Plan, Healthy Paws, and the MSPCA. In 2016, pet owners in the United States spent $15.92 billion on veterinary care. A recent study showed that pets are living longer because their owners are providing them with needed veterinary care. However, statistics show that every 6 seconds, a pet owner gets a veterinary bill for at least $3,000. As veterinary medical technology advances, costs will continue to increase. Pet insurance can help you to give your pet the best medical care possible.