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Most everyone who owns a cat or dog considers their pet family. It’s not just a furry creature that lives within the same walls as the rest of the family. This pet is family. It’s someone you love, care for, and look forward to seeing at the end of any busy day. Pets are wonderful creatures, and they deserve the same love and respect as any other member of the family. In Maine, pet owners feel no differently but they do worry a bit more because of the harsh conditions in the winter. While Maine pet owners keep their animals indoors when the temperatures reach dangerously low, some animals are accidentally left out, escape, or are lost.

When this happens, their live are at risk. Animals are more susceptible to cold weather injuries such as frost bite or other issues if they’re lost or missing in the cold weather. The summer weather is so lovely in Maine that many pet owners take their pets with them on vacation, to the lake, to the park, and anywhere else they go. This amount of time outdoors and away from home makes pets more likely to suffer bites, animal attacks, and the chance of your pet becoming lost or wandering away increases significantly. Pet insurance can help you save your dog’s life if the worst occurs.

Why Own Pet Insurance in Maine?

Do you love the beautiful weather that Maine has to offer? Do you love to spend time outdoors, enjoying nature, and playing with your pet? Imagine a hike to a nearby park or lake during the heat of summer with your dog. What happens if your dog is bitten by a poisonous bug or snake that puts its life at risk while you’re outdoors? You’ll take your dog to the emergency vet, but the vet is going to tell you the cost of saving your dog’s life and it’s going to shock you.

If you cannot afford to pay that, you are left with few options. You can give your dog up or you can let him go untreated. Are either of these options right for you when finances are tight and there’s not room in the budget for a pet emergency? Chances are good you never want to find yourself in this situation, which is why pet insurance is a good idea.

  • Car accidents
  • X-rays
  • Broken bones
  • Attacks
  • Bites
  • Poison
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Disease
  • Illness
  • Injury

If your dog or cat suffers from anything that puts his or her health at risk, you want pet insurance to assist you in helping cover the cost of any veterinary work required. Pet insurance also covers the costs associated with basic vet visits from check-ups to shots to medications for things like heart worms or fleas.

Paying for Pet Insurance

The cost of pet insurance is minimal. It’s far less than the health insurance premiums you pay for your family, and it’s just as beneficial. Insurance agencies offer various plans, protections, and price-points so that all families can afford to help their animals in an emergency situation without worrying abou the cost of the treatment needed to save its life. Premiums are broken down into monthly payments, and families are able to afford the help they need to save their pet’s lives. You can choose from copayment plans to high deductible plans, to low-deductible plans. There’s something for every budget, which is what makes pet insurance so beneficial.

Emergencies occur all the time no matter how hard you try to prevent them. You cannot control every situation and everything that happens to your pet, but you can control the financial aspect of your pet’s recovery. If you haven’t considered pet insurance living in Maine, now is a good time to compare plans and policies so you can protect your family. Your family is who suffers most when something happens to a beloved pet, which is why pet insurance is an investment into the happiness and well-being of everyone in the family and not just your cat or your dog.