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Louisiana, a cultural state nestled next to Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico is quite the happening place. Its subtropical climate makes it a hot, hot place to reside in during the summer but thankfully its winters are quite short and mild. The Gulf of Mexico, no matter where you are, is at most, only 200 miles away. This makes it a great place to bring your furry friend to cool off in the ocean on one of the many hot days in Louisiana. Louisiana boasts many animal friendly beaches, dog parks, vacation rental homes, etc.

Owning a pet is an exciting, enjoyable experience. But with the responsibility of being a pet owner comes the responsibility of keeping them healthy. Many owners anticipate the cost of seeing the vet once a year but oftentimes they don’t think about the unexpected visits they may need to make. Unfortunately, there may be times when you have to bring your pet to an emergency vet clinic. And oftentimes, those visits result in paying hundreds of dollars all the way to a few thousand dollars. Thankfully though, there are things that you can do to be proactive and get ahead of having to pay those hefty fees.

Buying pet insurance is a great option to protect yourself from having to pay a lot out of pocket. Luckily there are many vet clinics and offices in Louisiana that accept a number of pet insurances. Paying the monthly fee of $30 to $90 will be very worth it when your pet requires radiologic exams or specialized surgery. The key is to anticipate these expensive costs and to cover your pet with insurance if and when these instances occur. Read below and learn about two pet insurance companies that are sure to fit your budget and needs:

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers both basic coverage and comprehensive coverage. They provide insurance plans for young pets and older pets. Each plan is specialized to meet the needs of pets at any age. They even offer lifetime pet insurance, which you receive at a discounted rate. For pets that have more complex problems, such as cancer or hereditary and congenital conditions, they offer comprehensive coverage. These plans cover all of the tests and treatments that your pet may require. They also offer a free quote based on your pet’s species, age and geographical location, which can help you to get an idea of what you’d need to pay for coverage.

Petplan is highly recommended pet insurance by pet owners and veterinarians worldwide. Their easy to register website makes obtaining pet insurance a breeze. All of their plans include coverage for:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Illnesses
  • Vet exam fees
  • Imaging (MRI, CT, Ultrasound)
  • Prescription medications

And more! Petplan is a great option for pet owners of all budgets and you’re sure to find coverage that works with what you can pay.