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Iowa has nice weather throughout most of the year, so many pet owners take their animals out often. In the moment, the possibility that your animal could get hurt doesn’t cross your mind. Unfortunately, this is always a risk when you take your pet outside. They could be hit by a car, fall, eat something they shouldn’t, or get into some other accident. Even if you keep your pet inside all the time, they can still fall sick or hurt themselves.

Veterinarian bills can be very expensive, so you should have a pet insurance plan to minimize how much money you pay out of pocket to keep your furry friend healthy. If you’re on a tight budget, there are a few good cheap pet insurance plans in Iowa. And it’s very easy to sign up for pet health insurance. You can do it from your smartphone or computer. Most pet insurance companies offer free quotes, so that you’ll know how much you’ll be paying before signing up for the insurance. Just as when you buy insurance for yourself, you should read the fine print before signing up for a pet insurance plan.

3 Types of Pet Insurance Plans to Choose from in Iowa

There are three types of cheap pet insurance plans in Iowa that are geared at providing coverage for an animal at different life stages: baby, adult, and aging. The least expensive pet insurance plans usually cover routine visits, vaccinations, vitamins, and check-ups. This is ideal for animals that are babies. When your pet reaches adulthood, it’s better to upgrade your plan to one that includes coverage for accidents and illnesses. These plans commonly cover the costs of surgery as well. Once your pet is old, you may want to consider comprehensive coverage in order to have coverage over chronic illnesses, such as canine cancer, in addition to routine health care.

Examples of Good Pet Insurance Companies in Iowa

If you’ve been struggling to find a good pet insurance company, consider one of these three insurance providers:

  1. Healthy Paws

Their insurance plans start as low as $15 for cats and $20 for dogs. Healthy Paws insurance covers illnesses, injuries, genetic conditions, and emergency care. Like most pet insurance providers, they don’t cover pre-existing conditions, which is part of why it’s important to buy insurance for your pet as soon as possible. Rare for an insurance company, Healthy Paws provides unlimited benefits and no caps on claims. Most claims are processed within 3-10 business days. Claims are quick to submit as well through their mobile app. If you want your pet to receive alternative treatment, Healthy Paws will still cover the costs.

  1. Pets Best

Pets Best offers a wide variety of insurance plans, so you can find one that’s most suitable for your pet. They pay claims within five days or less and can directly deposit them into your bank account. This is convenient for quickly receiving the money you need to cover veterinary costs. You are also able to submit claims online with Pets Best coverage. It’s quick to enroll as well because Pets Best doesn’t require an exam or medical records.

  1. Banfield

Another cheap insurance provider, Banfield refers to themselves as a company that offers affordable yearly packages of discounted services. They make proactive health care for pets easy and affordable. Banfield offers free consultations, so you can discuss which insurance plan is best for your pet. All of their pet insurance plans include unlimited office visits, comprehensive physical exams, routine vaccinations, diagnostic testing, product and service discounts, online access to your pet records, and reasonable monthly payments.

Having pet insurance can literally save your pet’s life. Pets are sometimes euthanized if the owner can’t afford the veterinary bills to treat them. In addition, having pet insurance often saves you money in the long-run. Vet bills can cost thousands of dollars. When you can sign up for an excellent pet insurance plan at $15-20 per month, it doesn’t make sense to risk being hit with one of those pricey vet bills.