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The Buckeye State is a wonderful place to own pets. Ohio residents claim pet ownership from everything like the typical house pets – cats and dogs – to more exotic creatures such as Ferrets, Foxes, Falcons, or even Frogs. With thousands of acres of rolling farm land situated throughout the state, many residents consider agricultural animals such as cows, horses and even pigs to be hallowed members of the family.

Ohioans and their animals experience the normal seasonal temperature fluctuations, like most Midwestern states across the country. Of course, the resident animals are also subject to the standard list pesky pests, along with other health related ailments. From bug bites, to bowel irritations, a conscientious pet owner always wants their favorite beast to feel in tiptop shape.

The relaxed nature of Ohioans is a perfect setting for pets. But, it is estimated that beyond a few of the more unique ailments, one in every three Ohio pets will get sick every year. Also, sad as it is, often pets come down with more serious illness like diabetes, hepatitis, or cancer.

No matter what causes the uncomfortable situation for your pet, the bill to cure even the simplest ailment can be expensive. Having a pet insurance policy for your pet can reduce the financial burden of treating your cherished friend if they do get sick, down to a few dollars per month.

While a sick pet is never a pleasant situation to deal with, knowing that you will not be blindsided by a huge financial burden if they do become ill, can be comforting. What a horrible feeling to find out that your beloved animal has a condition that you simply cannot afford to have treated. The alternative is heartbreaking. Having pet insurance can be the saving grace so that you never have to make such a fateful choice.

There are a number of licensed entities that provide pet insurance in Ohio. You can get useful information at a number of locations based on what type of pet you own, or the breed of a specific type of animal. is an excellent starting place.

Healthy Paws is a nationally recognized insurance agent that offers pet specific policies. Their website provides excellent resources to explore the cost of everything from general veterinarian visits, to costly procedures that you might encounter. The Hartville Pet Insurance Group is also a great option for coverage, plus they’re a named strategic partner with the A.S.P.C.A.

No matter which provider you select for your pet insurance, the bottom line is simple; you love your pets and they could get sick. The cost of taking care of a seriously ill animal can be agonizing, but if you have pet insurance, that can all be reduced to a few dollars a month. Pet insurance – your pet will thank you with a purr, a pleased pant, or a pat of their paw.