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Nebraska is home to “the good life” and creator of Arbor Day, so naturally it provides an ideal location for pet ownership. With its wide open spaces and plenty of off-leash dog parks in major cities such as Omaha, the Cornhusker state makes a perfect home for animals as well as their people. The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is pet-friendly, so you can enjoy re-tracing the steps of the two storied adventurers throughout America’s Heartland with Fido by your side. Nebraska also boasts 58 state recreation areas for hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping with man’s best friend. Additionally, Nebraska Brewing Company permits pets to join their owners on the patio for home-brewed beer and classic burgers in Omaha. If you and your dog are feeling regal, you can check out the state’s first historic site, Joslyn Castle, or enjoy the Deer Springs Winery in Lincoln for some quality vino. For those just passing through on I-80, many Nebraska hotels offer dog-friendly accommodations so you and your furry friends can get some shut-eye on your journey across the country.

With hot summers and cold winters, temperatures can be extreme in America’s Heartland. German Shorthaired Pointers would be great additions to hunting families, but their short coats would require inside time during winter months. Border Collies are another high energy breed that would benefit from the openness of Nebraska’s landscape. One of the most intelligent breeds, they can be trained for herding, agility, or become great hiking companions. Airedales are a versatile breed whose curly coats can be grown out to provide plenty of insulation in the winter or stripped down so they can easily handle summer heat. While originally intended for hunting on land and in water, Airedales are intrepid explorers that would handle the outdoorsy lifestyle of Nebraska well.

Because accidents can happen in the country and in the city, it is important to consider veterinary care in the area. However, since the cost of veterinary care is rising throughout the country, pet insurance is a useful tool to manage your pet’s healthcare expenses without wiping out your own savings. Luckily, Nebraska one of the top five cheapest states for average pet insurance plans. The most recommended plans include Healthy Paws, Nationwide, and Embrace Pet Insurance. Pet insurance allows you to make monthly payments on a plan that will reimburse you for covered claims, such as surgeries or overnight hospital stays that can add up to thousands of dollars in savings.

The best rates on pet insurance are available when your pet is young and healthy, so getting a head start on choosing a plan will save time and money later. Online pet insurance comparisons will help you choose the best plan for you and your pet.


Nebraska State Recreation Areas