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Today’s economy is tough for most people in the state of Illinois. Despite all the troubles of juggling work, home and the kids, families sacrifice a lot of finances on the other family member–pets.

Feline, canine, reptilian, amphibious, rodent, insect, fish and avian sidekicks enrich people’s lives. Whether the animal offers a service to the blind, teaches a child about responsibility or becomes a valuable companion to an elderly aunt, a pet can bring love and vibrancy into anyone’s home.

Therefore, when little buddies become ill with an ailment such as diabetes, flu or cancer, pet parents become quite concerned. They have to take their munchkins to the vet for something more than routine examinations such as vaccinations. The one thing that most owners don’t realize is how much it costs to help their four-legged friends get healthy again.

Rover the Labrador retriever just got hit by a car. The good news is that he will live. The bad news is that he will never walk again if his hip isn’t replaced. The worst news is that his owner cannot afford the $40,000 operation it will take to save the dog from walking on three legs!

As ridiculous as the above price seems for such a surgery, it is not unusual. Pet owners can experience prices amounting to thousands of dollars if an emergency occurs. If the veterinarian diagnoses the furry companion with a chronic condition such as asthma, owners will spend a lot of money on medicines.

What are the solutions? The Iroquois County Animal Rescue or The Animal Welfare League can help. Payment is still expected, even though it will be at a lower price. However, how much money would the patron have to pay? Making a payment of $4,000 is better than $40,000 but how many people can afford it? Also, how long will it take to get the money? It might be too late for many animals if their care and treatment isn’t immediate.

Another avenue for payment is known as the crowd funding approach. Crowd funding allows a person to raise a certain amount of money for problems by asking for donations from family, friends or complete strangers. GoFundMe is an excellent example of such a program. The person is faced with the same dilemma of money and time. Will the owner be able to raise enough money in time to save the precious member of the family?

The most logical answer to this problem would be pet insurance. Just as people have health insurance, their cute critters can be insured as well. Rates are as low as $8 per month. There are many plans readily available via the computer. These plans fit different budgets and offer various services. Most will give the pet owner a free price quote as well as a list of benefits. One example would be Petplan Pet Insurance.

Petplan Pet Insurance operates not only in Illinois, but in all 50 states, Canada and in Europe! According to, it has received one of the highest reviews of in terms of service.


Clients can enroll their buddies as low as $8 and as high as $60 per month. The assets covered are those in the specialty and emergency areas. Petplan even has a dental package! The client can see any vet in the continental USA or in Canada.

Benefits are not limited as long as the patron pays an annual deductible. The deductible can range from $100-$2,500. Pet mommies and daddies like the fact that there isn’t a ceiling or limit to the payout on treatments. They also like the flexibility that each plan has. The policies are entirely tailored to meet the budget of the owner.

Depending upon the health program, 70% up to 90% of the money goes towards the vet’s bill. The pick-up time for claims usually takes three to five business days as opposed to weeks or months at a time.


There are a few cons. Illnesses that manifested themselves before insurance coverage took place are not covered. Ordinary visits such as shots and teeth cleanings are not covered either. The customer pays for the regular treatments.

Pet insurance is no longer a luxury. Every owner of a precious animal should consider getting it. It is a guarantee that the proper medical procedures will be done. Don’t become the owner who becomes a victim of putting their precious one to sleep because of the inability to pay for the bill.