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Idaho is one of the most beautiful and diverse states in the country. From agricultural valleys to snow-capped alpine mountains, Idaho offers a truly diverse place to live, and is one of the most pet-friendly states in the country. The vast majority of rural Idahoans have cats and dogs, and for good reason – the small communities and ranchlands make an ideal home for dogs and cats to safely roam.

Idaho has a very strong outdoors community, with hunting, fishing and camping all popular recreational activities. Idaho also depends on ranching nearly as much as it does farming, and rural Eastern Idaho is home to more cattle than people. Ranchers have long relied on dogs to help them with their herds, and Idaho ranchers are no exception, with sheep and cattle dogs such as border collies, Australian shepherds and blue heelers are among the most popular breeds of dog, as their herding abilities and quick intelligence are invaluable for aiding the horseback ranchers.

Also popular are a variety of hound dogs, including Redbone and Plott hounds, as well as the Pitbull Terrier, all of which are known for their hunting prowess. Labradors, pointers and setters are also prized for their birding abilities, as birding is another popular pastime in Idaho.

Why Pet Insurance is So Valuable

All of these breeds of dog have different health risks endemic to their breed. Labradors, for example, are particularly susceptible to obesity and the health risks that go with it. Border collies often suffer from various skin diseases as well as arthritis. Pit bulls are at a serious risk for hip dysplasia, so on and so forth.

Dogs are an important part of life for many Idahoans, as are cats to a lesser degree. Since hunting and herding dogs have to be trained to be effective, this means a lot of time goes into training them, and they cannot be easily replaced. Many Idahoans prefer to ensure their dogs so that if they get sick or injured, they can seek treatment affordably and get back to work.

In addition to common breed ailments, kennel cough is a serious problem both in Idaho and neighboring Montana. Kennel cough is especially serious in puppies, but can be prevented with a Bordatello vaccine. Antther common problem for dogs in Idaho is thyroid disease, which cannot be prevented by a vaccine. Surgeries and treatments can become very expensive, and having pet insurance can lessen this financial burden tremendously.

Idaho is a pretty safe place for cats, and an abundance of birds and rodents mean they always have hunting of their own. They are less likely to suffer from arthritis and obesity, thanks in part to the wide open spaces that Idaho affords. In fact, cats in Idaho tend to have a lower rate of most diseases than the national average. However, cats are more likely to contract Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), a pathological disease similar to HIV in humans that does not require a transfer of fluids to be contagious. Treatment of FIV can be expensive, so it is highly recommended that you insure your cat to protect them.

Homegrown Pet Insurance

Pets Best was founded by retired veterinarian Jack Stephens, the man who literally founded the pet insurance industry in America. Inspired by a heartbreaking incident where he was forced to euthanize a dog whose owners couldn’t afford treatment, Stephens mobilized to create pet insurance, and he insured their first dog – Lassie, of all dogs! – in 1982. In 2005, he founded Pets Best in Boise, Idaho, which has been voted among the best places to work in Idaho four years running.

Pets Best has at its goal to provide the best possible coverage and prices for your Idaho pets, and has paid out over $100,000,000 in coverage for families who have used their services for their pets.