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Being a pet owner on the beautiful islands of Hawaii means that your pet will grow up in a lush atmosphere where sandy beaches are plentiful and the weather is generally like a slice of paradise. While pet owners in Hawaii don’t have to deal with harsh weather conditions that people in some other states may deal with, living on the islands of Hawaii means the area is full of dangerous insects and lizards that your dog or cat may be tempted to play with or even ingest. These risks pose special considerations when choosing pet insurance.

Many pet owners may choose to take their pets to the beach. The beach is a fun place for dogs to run and play, but it can also pose injury. Dogs that like to swim in the water could ingest too much water, get bitten by another animal in the water, or even bitten by another dog while playing at the beach.

Being such a beautiful state, Hawaii is an expensive place to live due to the high demand of people who want to live there and the fact that many every day products must be imported to the island, raising the prices on household items and food. Raising a pet in Hawaii is also expensive. Veterinary care expenses can be high in every state and Hawaii is absolutely no exception to the rule. It’s important to make sure your pets are covered under health insurance when living on the islands to ensure that they are covered if anything were to happen. Costs of insuring one pet in Hawaii run from $41 to $46 per month as of December 2016.

Treating various illnesses and conditions in pets can be extremely expensive. When an emergency strikes, you may not have the funds to cover an illness and may be forced to make difficult decisions when your pet is in need of veterinary care. Being covered with pet insurance means that you don’t have to make these decisions. For example, being covered with pet health insurance under Healthy Paws means that instead of paying $2,151 out of pocket, Healthy Paws will cover $1,836 of shoulder surgery if your dog were to fall under the circumstances where he needed this. Another huge benefit to this plan is that there is no maximum amount of claims you can make. Whenever a need arises, a claim can be filed. This is very beneficial for animals facing chronic illnesses, as many claims may need to be filed and there is simply no limit with this company.

Embrace Pet insurance allows pet owners to change and update a plan throughout the life of their pet. As pets grow, their veterinary needs change. Customized options allow you to pick and choose what works best for your beloved animal companion. You can also personalize the plan even more to choose how high you would like your deductible to be. With all of these options, it allows pet insurance to work for everyone. Make sure your pets are covered on the islands of Hawaii with a pet insurance plan that works for you and keeps your animals safe and sound while giving you peace of mind.