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It’s no wonder that the Floridian lifestyle is so invigorating. There’s nothing like warm sunny days and sandy beaches to lift the spirit. It is easy to relax and yet find recreational activities to participate in. Popular with travelers from around the world, “The Sunshine State” is a wonderful place to retire in style.

The temperate climate and lush landscape are also why so many Florida residents have at least one pet. There are several very good reasons for this. Studies have linked the companionship of a pet to a reduction in loneliness amongst the elderly. Even the presence of an indoor cat or toy dog by one’s side offers an added sense of security.

Luckily as human beings are living longer lives, so are our pets. The general lifespan of the average cat or dog is likely to be as much as 15 years. However this longevity comes with a greater chance of becoming seriously ill, something that older men and women are well aware of. This means visits to the doctor’s office, prescription drugs and physical therapy when appropriate.

Owning a dog or cat in Florida has other challenges as well. Warmer year-round temperatures and summertime humidity come with an added chance of flea infestation. Animals that any spend time outdoors must be watched carefully for the same signs of heat exhaustion that easily affect their human counterparts.

This is why so many people become overwhelmed with medical bills for their pets. They not only want to provide ongoing veterinary care to keep their beloved pet companions healthy, but find themselves on the alert for signs of illness or possible accidents. Just one trip to a Veterinary Hospital for an emergency visit is liable to cost several hundred dollars. Should a surgical procedure be necessary, the charges can run into thousands of dollars.

The answer for human beings of any age is to have medical insurance. For senior citizens in particular, having a medical insurance policy is a guaranteed life-saving measure. This allows an insurance policy to cover routine medical procedures, vaccinations and trips to the Emergency Room. If your doctor requests that you see a Specialist to have a surgical procedure, the cost does not financially have to “come out of your pocket.”

Purchasing medical insurance for your pets, comes to the rescue in the same way. Each policy gives you the option of adapting your insurance policy to your needs and the needs of your pet. Naturally, a young puppy is going to have an entirely different medical history than that of a senior dog. If your cat or dog has a chronic condition like diabetes or kidney disease, you will want a more comprehensive insurance package to include these issues.

For this reason, companies that offer Pet Insurance have developed a wide variety of policies. They allow pet owners a great degree of flexibility to buy an insurance policy that meets their needs. As your pet ages, you can add or subtract policy options as not to tax your personal fiscal situation. Seniors who live a fixed income will find this aspect especially helpful.

An excellent example of this type of insurance is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. This company offers pet insurance that will fully cover your pet, with no limit on the number of claims made upon a policy. If you have an older pet or one that requires veterinary care on a continual basis, this can literally save you thousands of dollars yearly.

Another pet insurance company making major inroads in the field is Embrace Pet Insurance. This company takes a novel approach, by offering insurance plans that follow each life stage of your cat or dog. As your pet ages, you can gradually increase your insurance as required. It is also easy to add onto any policy for such things as breed specific conditions, cancer care and prescription drug coverage.

As with medical insurance policies for humans, you decide your limits and deductibles. Just as you can sign up from the privacy of your own computer or mobile device, you can make changes as needed. With just one click, you can insure your pet to give them a longer and healthier life.