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While living in the cold weather of Alaska you’ll surely love the company of a furry friend. Cats, dogs and even exotic pets are all wonderful choices for your new companion. However, what happens if that little furry friend gets sick? Or gets lost out in the snow and needs medical attention? Medical bills can add up quickly, and that’s when you might wish you had pet insurance. Rather than waiting until you need it, it might be best to be proactive and start considering crucial pet insurance now.

Choosing the best pet insurance plan can be overwhelming. It’s possible you might not have even known pet insurance existed until after you’ve gotten your furry friend. Not to worry, all the information you’ll need will be here! Surprisingly, pet insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Some offer plans that are less than $10 a month. Many offer lifetime benefits, optional annual deductibles that range in price and cover for both accidents and illnesses. So, the next time your pet gets sick, you’ll be covered!

The top five pet insurance companies in Alaska are as listed, rated based on reviews and benefits: Healthy Paws is number one in Alaska, and in the country! It is rated as 5 stars with over 384 reviews on They are the chosen company of a whopping 90% of consumer advocate visitors. They also conveniently offer a mobile app and unlimited lifetime benefits. Second is Pet Plan Insurance, which has 4.5 stars with 100 trusted reviews. A few of the things they offer are the ability to choose between $100-$1000 for your annual deductible fee, around the clock 24/7 customer service that is always there when you need it, and the ability to use any veterinarian in both the United States and Canada. Third, is Embrace Pet Insurance. It is rated 4 stars with 19 reviews, and offers strong accident and illness coverage that allows you to use your own choice of veterinarian. Nationwide is number four with 4 stars and 87 reviews. Nationwide offers a $250 annual deductible with unlimited claims, they insure not just dogs and cats but also birds and most exotic pets, and they cover congenital and heredity conditions. They are also the first and largest pet insurance company, meaning they have a lot of experience caring for beloved pets. The fifth top pet insurance company in Alaska is Pet First. They have a four-star rating with 18 reviews, and an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. More top companies can be found on the Consumer’s Advocate website.